ADT Canada Review


If you truly care for your loved ones at home, then you should invest on one of the best home security systems in the market. This is especially recommended to those who keep on travelling and they are not always around to offer protection to their loved ones in case an intruder would get inside their home and steal or even kill. So if you are looking for a home security system to be installed in your house, make sure that you choose something that can give you the best service. There are lots of high quality home security systems that you can buy in the market now and one of these are the products from ADT Canada.

About ADT Canada

ADT Canada is a company that offers home security systems that can offer protection to your home and your loved ones, 24 hours in a day, seven days a week. They have the best security monitoring products that protects your family against burglary and fire, and other kinds of home intrusions. They also have a team of professionals that are well trained in offering the assistance that you need. They make use of advance technology that is capable of delivering fast and reliable home security services.

Why Choose ADT?

There are lots of companies now that offer the best home security services, but ADT stands out from the rest simply because of the excellent products and services that they provide. They provide 24 hour alarm monitoring services to several homes and business all over Canada for more than 50 years now. Furthermore, ADT Canada is the largest home security company and they have the best products and services that can provide security and protection to both your home and family.

What Can You Expect from ADT?

If ever you subscribe for ADT, you will not only enjoy safe and secure home, but you get to enjoy the following services as well:

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Theft Protection Guarantee from the Company
  • Relocation Discount Guarantee for those who Decide to Transfer
  • Receive a Certificate for Homeowner Insurance Discount

24 Hour Monitoring Services from ADT

The greatest benefit of getting a home security system from ADT Canada is that you could enjoy a 24 hour monitoring services. With this home security monitoring, you are always connected with the monitoring team of the company. ADT has a nationwide customer monitoring centers that are equipped with high-tech equipment and communication devices. And in the event that one of the centers will be interrupted due to some circumstances, one of their monitoring centers will take over.


Based on the review about ADT Canada, it is safe to conclude that the products and services that ADT offers are truly the best. So if you are looking for a home security system that can protect your home as well as your loved ones, ADT Canada is the number one choice. Feel free to take advantage of the special offer they have now.