Best Home Security Companies in Canada & the United States

safety-guide Due to the increasing demand of home security systems, you will now find a number of companies that manufacture high tech home security devices and a bunch of other wireless security systems that you can use to ensure the safety of your family. Some of the best home security companies in the marketplace today are Frontpoint, Fluent Home, and ADT. So feel free to read this article as we review each of these companies.

Frontpoint Security

If you search for reviews about Frontpoint online, you will find out that a lot of customers are so pleased with the way Frontpoint handles their concerns, thus, their customer support is deemed excellent. The company focuses on DIY products and both the hardware and the monitoring systems of Frontpoint are reasonably priced. You are even given an option to purchase only the components that you want, instead of getting stuck with the prefabricated packages that are not suitable to your needs. Frontpoint will definitely not force you to sign any long term contract with them but will offer you all sorts of discounts which are what makes them one of the best home security companies in Canada and the US. You can get more information about Frontpoint’s services by visiting their website, or you can simply give them a call to learn more about what they have to offer at 1-888-707-2339

ADT Security Services

When we think of home security systems, we always associate it with a basic alarm system which you can install in your home and will make some noise in case an intruder would break-in your house and the cops will soon arrive. But this is not really the case now, especially if you choose the products from ADT Home Security Systems. The company manufactures some of the most innovative home security devices in the country now, making them among the best home security companies in Canada & the United States. The devices which ADT manufactures allow the home owner to have total control of such systems from anywhere in the world by means of an app which you can install in your smartphone. You can take advantage of their current special offer here.

Reliance Protectron

Reliance Protectron is an all Canadian company that sells a wide range of security systems. They are in fact considered as one of the best home security companies these days. This is because they are the company behind the most innovative alarm system, the Go Control System, a device which you can activate and deactivate even if you are from a distance. So just imagine the convenience of turning your alarm and on and off even when you are out of town. All you basically need to do is access their website and refer to the “Go Control system”, and then you will be in full control of your home security system. They offer decent deals to residents of British Columbia, so if you live in that province you might want to consider checking them out. You can call them at 604 757 6424.

Fluent Home

Fluent Home is a highly respected service provider that made our list of the best home security companies in Canada & the United States because they have an excellent security system that is definitely worth checking out. The company is known for its revolutionary alarm systems, as well as their wide array of home automation systems. They are also known to offer the most excellent customer support, through their modular setup of wireless components as well as the reassurance of pro-installation which comes with a 24/7 monitoring. We like Fluent Home because they are the only Canadian based company on this list that’s always offering good special offers to new customers. You can visit their website for more details about their product offerings.