Reliance Protectron Review


If you do a search online for some companies that offer the best home security systems, one of the names that will surely come out is Reliance Protectron. This is because the company has established a name in the industry when it comes to providing high quality home security equipment and devices. They are one of the largest installation and security monitoring companies all over Canada and have started its business operation in the year 1988. The company is currently based in Montreal and has almost a thousand employees that are trained well when it comes to selling, servicing, installing, as well as monitoring the security systems that they have installed on almost 350,000 residential and commercial subscribers all over the country.

Importance of Home Security Systems

Before we go on to discuss about Reliance Protectron as being the best company for your home security system needs, let us first find out the importance of having a good home security system in your home.

  • First of all, if you are someone who lives in a huge with so many fancy furniture and home appliances, then you should install a home security system in your house to keep your precious possessions well-protected.


  • Secondly, if you live in a house where there are no neighbors nearby, then keep your house fully protected with the help of these home security systems. Keep in mind that intruders can easily get inside your house if there are no neighbors nearby.


  • Finally, another good reason why you should have a home security system installed in your home is to save money on home insurance. As a matter of fact, people who have a reliable home alarm system on their homes have decided to forego their home insurance. So if you want to lessen your expense on home insurances, then you should invest on a home security system from Reliance Protectron.

Why Choose Reliance Protectron?

You might wonder why of all the companies that offer home security systems, Reliance Protectron is highly recommended. There are actually lots of reasons, but one of these is the $100 rebate limited offer that the company offers to their customers. Being the largest home security provider all over Canada, Protectron have decided to offer a $100 rebate to their customers every time they purchase a home security system from them.


Protectron is one of the leading companies when it comes to home security systems, thus, you can expect an exceptional and professional service from them. They offer a wide range of services, such as their well-renowned remote monitoring service wherein you can expect an after sales support from the company wherever you are in the country. Furthermore, they also sell several home security products that offer protection against fire, burglary and all kinds of home intrusion. Not only that, they even have additional protections against natural calamities, such as flood, earthquake, etc. So to find out more information about Reliance Protectron, you better check out their website now.